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Designer Children’s Beds for Boys & Girls

Our range of stylish children’s beds is perfect for a child’s growing tastes, as well as their size.

Designer Children's Beds for Boys & Girls with Hand-Painted Artwork - Woodright Home

First of all, children’s bed is a main piece of furniture in any kids’ room used as a place to sleep or relax. We know the difference a good night’s sleep can make for children, which is why all of our luxury kid’s beds are made to the very highest standards. Our beds have solid wood frames to ensure comfort and durability. The storage beds and day beds feature solid wood frames with three storage drawers on one side.

With toddler beds for your little ones and hand-painted small double beds that are a hit with the older children and teens we have an admirable selection available. From plain to upholstered quality childrens beds, beautifully hand painted single beds to daybeds we do hope you enjoy looking through our collection of luxurious children’s beds for boys and girls.

Kids’ beds take centre stage in their room so when it comes to style you can choose nautical themed blue furniture for adventurous boys, light pink floral design for your little princess or elegant and stylish white beds for growing youngsters. All our children’s beds are part of artistically hand-painted collections which will fit any style, size or decor of room. In addition kids’ wardrobes and chests of drawers can be coordinated to match child’s beds perfectly.